Pune to Durgapur Daily Goods Transport Service

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    Pune to Durgapur transport Contact Number

    BranchContact No.
    Pune+91 9572724004
    Durgapur+91 7898984004

    Why choose Singhania Transport Service for bike transportation from Pune to Durgapur?

    Do you want to transport your bike or scooter from Pune to Durgapur and looking for the best transport company, then Singhania Transport Service’s premium bike transport service is the perfect solution. We understand your love and value for your motorcycle or two-wheeler and work carefully to ensure its safe transport.

    Our team of experts uses modern tools, modern bike carriers, and technologies to handle your bike safely during shifting from Pune to Durgapur, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the bike and two-wheeler during shifting. With Singhania Transport Service’s door-to-door bike delivery and competitive pricing, we continuously strive to make bike transportation loss-free and affordable for our customers.

    bike transport service from  pune to durgapur

    Bike transport charges from Pune to Durgapur

    Bike/Engine typePacking CostShifting Charges
    100cc to 220cc bikes₹ 1210-2310₹ 5917-6390
    220cc to 350cc bikes₹ 1610-2420₹ 6920-7470
    350cc to 550cc bikes₹ 2010-3530₹ 7990-8650
    Cruiser bike₹ 910-2640₹ 6200-8500
    Modified bikes₹ 2010-5750₹ 7200-8200
    Sports bikes₹ 1010-3860₹ 8000-11500
    Note: if the bike is not in running condition, then 1500rs extra for tempo pickup.
    car shifting service from pune to durgapur

    Benefits of choosing Singhania Transport Service for car transportation by car carrier from Pune to Durgapur

    Choosing Singhania Transport Service’s car transportation service by car carrier from Pune to Durgapur provides many benefits to the car owners. Our car carriers are designed to provide maximum protection for your car or four-wheeler, protecting it from road debris, weather conditions, and other potential hazards.

    With experienced drivers and top-of-the-line equipment, Singhania Transport Service ensures that your car or four-wheeler reaches its destination in Durgapur in perfect condition. Our competitive rates and efficient door-to-door delivery service make us the preferred choice for car transportation needs.

    Pune to Durgapur Car Transportation Cost

    Car TypeTransport Charges
    Small Car₹ 17,200 – 20,110
    Hatchback Car₹ 18,120 – 22,100
    Sedan Car₹ 20,220 – 25,520
    Mini SUV Car₹ 23,300 – 28,530
    Full SUV Car₹ 28,590 – 35,530
    Luxury Car₹ 35,580 – 85,240
    Sports Car₹ 20,541 – 45,210

    Hire Singhania’s Services to Transport Goods from Pune to Durgapur

    Should you want a safe and reliable solution to transport your goods from Pune to Durgapur, do consider the goods shifting service by truck from Singhania Transport Service. Whether you are moving household goods or industrial goods, we provide customized goods transport services to suit your needs.

    Our goods transport service includes two types of services (1) Full Load Service (2). Part Load Service Whether you want to move small quantity of goods or need a full truck, our services are available 24 hours for you. Our experienced team handles your valuables with care, ensuring that it reaches its destination in Durgapur safely and on time. With Singhania Transport Service’s door-to-door delivery and affordable rates, you can rely on us to ease the stress of moving your goods. For more information, you can call +9572724004 us or contact us through email.

    pune to durgapur goods transport service

    Daily transport timing & Charges from Pune to Durgapur

    Service typeTimingCharges
    Furniture & Household goods9:00 AM₹ 3540 -35400
    Commercial Goods10:00 AM₹ 13542 – 92200
    Car/Bike9:30 AM₹ 5550 – 20550
    Road Carrier4:00 PM₹ 45520 – 138520
    Pet Transport5:00 AM₹ 18580 – 25220

    Singhania Transport Service: Your reliable packers and movers from Pune to Durgapur

    When shifting household goods from Pune to Durgapur, Packers and Movers service from Singhania Transport Service simplifies the process. Our skilled and experienced packers use high-quality packing materials to pack your household items like refrigerators, washing machine, Glass items, furniture, etc. ensuring their safety during transportation.

    From packing and loading to transportation and unloading, Singhania Packing and Moving Service handles every aspect of your relocation, allowing you to completely focus on settling into your new home in Durgapur. With competitive pricing and personalized service, Singhania Transportation Service is dedicated to providing a stress-free relocation experience from Pune to Durgapur.

    Packers and Movers charges from Pune to Durgapur

    Shifting typePacking ChargesShifting Charges
    Some household goods₹ 2500 – 3000₹ 14520 – 18590
    1 BHK goods₹ 5000 -6500₹ 16520 – 20500
    2 BHK goods₹ 6500 – 8000₹ 23520 – 28520
    3/4 BHK goods₹ 10000 – 15000₹ 25550 -35550
    Home+Vehicle₹ 5500 -10000₹ 28550 – 135060
    Note: Labour Charges are Extra from the above cost.

    Why choose Singhania Transport Services for Pune to Durgapur daily truck transport services?

    For businesses requiring daily transportation of goods between Pune and Durgapur, Singhania Transport’s daily truck transport services provide unmatched reliability and efficiency to help grow your business. With a well-organized fleet and experienced drivers, we guarantee timely delivery and smooth logistics operations.

    Whether dealing with perishable goods, bulk shipments, or time-sensitive deliveries, Singhania Transport Service’s services are customized to meet your needs. With transparent pricing and a clean track record, entrusting your daily freight transportation needs to Singhania Transport Services ensures peace of mind and satisfaction.

    Pune to Durgapur Truck Rental Charges

    Truck typeVehicle Size(L*W*H ) & Weight capacityTransport Charges
    Mahindra Pickup10*4.8*5.5ft – 1500kg ₹ 45510 – 50201
    Tata 14 feet14*6*6 – 4 ton₹ 82520 – 87520
    Eicher 17/19ft19*7*7 -6 ton₹ 95590 – 100510
    Eicher 20feet 20*7.5*7 – 10 ton₹ 115523 – 125530
    Tata 22feet22*8*8 – 10 ton₹ 120510 -130520
    32ft Single Axle32*8*8 – 10 ton₹ 135640 – 145520
    32ft multi Axle32*9*9 – 15 ton₹ 140560 – 145100
    Flatbed trailer40*8*8 – 20 ton₹ 150240 – 155900

    Cheapest Luggage transportation service from Pune to Durgapur

    Singhania Transport’s Pune to Durgapur luggage transport service aims to streamline the process of luggage transportation between these two cities for all sections of society, be it students, employees, or businessmen. Singhania Transport leverages its network of renowned logistics companies to ensure efficient pickup service, safe shifting, and timely delivery of goods to the destination. Be it personal effects, educational materials, household goods, cars/bikes, or industrial equipment, customers can confidently entrust Singhania Transport to transport their luggage items from Pune to Durgapur.

    Part Load transport cost from Pune to Durgapur

    Goods TypeCharges
    Personal belongings₹ 75 -85 per kg
    Office Goods₹ 55 – 95 per kg
    Commercial Goods₹ 30 -45 per kg
    Household Goods₹ 100 – 125 per kg
    Luggage & Suitcase₹ 1000 -2000 per luggage
    Note: Packing, door pickup & door delivery charges are excluded from the Above Cost.

    Hire daily transport service of Singhania transport from Pune to all over India.

    Frequently asked questions

    What type of goods are usually transported daily from Pune to Durgapur?

    A variety of goods are transported daily between Pune and Durgapur, including industrial materials, personal effects, food items, cars, bikes, household goods and raw materials.

    What modes of transport are available to transport goods daily from Pune to Durgapur?

    Common modes of transport for everyday freight transportation include road transport through trucks and lorries and rail transport for bulk shipments.

    How much time does it usually take for goods to reach Durgapur from Pune?

    Transit time depends on the method of transfer, type of goods and distance. Generally, it may take 12 to 15 days for the goods to reach Durgapur from Pune.

    Are there any special facilities for shifting of fragile or perishable goods from Pune to Durgapur?

    Yes, Singhania Transport offers specialized services for the transport of fragile or perishable goods, including temperature-controlled vehicles for perishable goods and special packing and careful handling for fragile goods.

    What is the typical cost of moving goods from Pune to Durgapur?

    The cost of transportation of goods is determined on the basis of factors such as type of goods, quantity, weight, mode of transportation and distance. You can get a quotation from us to know the exact price.

    How can I track my consignment during transit from Pune to Durgapur?

    Yes, Singhania Transport provides you live tracking facilities where customers can monitor the status and location of their goods in real time. This information is generally available through our website.

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