Singhania Transport: Your Trusted Partner for Car Transport Service in Pune

Pune, often called the “Oxford of the East,” is not just a hub of education and culture but also a bustling city with a growing demand for efficient transportation services. Among these services, the need for reliable car transport stands out prominently. If you’re in Pune and seeking seamless car transport solutions, look no further than Singhania Transport. This article delves deep into the nuances of car transport service in Pune, ensuring you make an informed decision with a trusted partner.

singhania car transport service in Pune

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    Singhaia car transport charges in Pune

    Distance-wise car transportation costs in Pune:-

    Car Type10km to 900km900km to 2000km2000km to 3500km
    Small Cars₹ 3,000 – ₹ 9,200₹ 9,200 – ₹ 18,100₹ 18,000 – ₹ 26,400
    Hatchback Cars₹ 3,500 – ₹ 10,400₹ 10,000 – ₹ 19,120₹ 19,500 – ₹ 28,000
    Sedan Cars₹ 4,200 – ₹ 12,100₹ 12,500 – ₹ 22,400₹ 22,500 – ₹ 32,170
    SUV Cars₹ 5,100 – ₹ 15,250₹ 15,000 – ₹ 25,650₹ 25,000 – ₹ 38,120
    Long Suv Cars₹ 6,000 – ₹ 18,150₹ 18,500 – ₹ 27,400₹ 27,400 – ₹ 40,100
    Modified Cars₹ 5,500 – ₹ 20,800₹ 20,000 – ₹ 28,190₹ 28,500 – ₹ 36,200
    Note:- Packing, pickup & drop charges are excluded from the above cost.

    Understanding Car Transport Service in Pune with Singhania Transport

    Singhania Transport is a leading name in the car transport industry, offering tailored solutions for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re relocating, selling your car to someone in another city, or need to transport a vehicle for any reason, Singhania Transport provides convenience, safety, and efficiency.

    Why Choose Singhania Transport?

    When it comes to car transport, Pune residents often opt for Singhania Transport due to:

    • Expertise: Singhania Transport professionals understand the intricacies of transporting vehicles, ensuring your car reaches its destination without a scratch.
    • Safety: Singhania Transport uses specialized carriers and equipment to guarantee your vehicle’s safety during transit.
    • Convenience: From door-to-door services to tailored solutions, Singhania Transport prioritizes customer convenience, making the entire process hassle-free.

    Key Considerations When Choosing Singhania Transport

    1. Reliability: Singhania Transport has a proven track record, with numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers.
    2. Insurance: Singhania Transport offers comprehensive insurance coverage for your vehicle, ensuring peace of mind during transportation.
    3. Cost: While affordability is essential, Singhania Transport prioritizes value for money, providing transparent cost structures.

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    FAQ(frequently asked questions)

    What services does Singhania Transport offer for car transport in Pune?

    Singhania Transport provides various services, including local car transport, interstate car shipping, international car transport, door-to-door services,car-towing services, and more.

    How much does a car transport service with Singhania Transport in Pune cost?

    Costs vary based on distance, type of transport (enclosed or open), and specific requirements. Get in touch with Singhania Transport for accurate quotes.

    Is my car insured during transportation with Singhania Transport?

    Yes, Singhania Transport offers comprehensive insurance coverage for your vehicle during transit. Always verify the terms before finalizing the service.

    How long does it take for Singhania Transport to transport a car within Pune?

    Local car transport within Pune with Singhania Transport usually takes a few days, depending on the exact distance and logistics.

    Can I track my car during transit with Singhania Transport?

    Singhania Transport provides tracking facilities, allowing you to monitor your vehicle’s location in real-time.


    Navigating car transport in Pune is easier with Singhania Transport as your trusted partner. Armed with the right knowledge and understanding of your needs, choose Singhania Transport for a reliable, expert, and customer-centric car transport service in Pune that ensures your vehicle’s safety and convenience.

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